Mobile top-up & eSims

WeReload, the first mobile top-up and eSims application, launched in Romania, with Romanian founders.

WeReload enters the Telecom market in Romania with an extensive portfolio of unique services: International Mobile Top-up, eSims, Gift Cards and Gaming Vouchers. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Four Romanian founding members, with over 15 years of international experience in IT, telecom and marketing, developed the WeReload application inspired by their own experiences and careful analysis of the telecom field.


Connected by the constant concern for the latest technologies, the founders of WeReload have developed unique functionalities, based on innovation and a global perspective on the social system, with a careful look at the phenomenon of migration and globalization.

Marcel Istina, co-founder of WeReload, Head of Marketing: “In the telecom industry, a revolution is happening every 10 years, which is based on technological progress. The continuous challenge is determined by migration, the development of society and technology, but also on how we adapt our lifestyle to be always connected with what is happening in society, connected with our families, with our friends.


We are an active part of this decade’s revolution, through everything we propose via WeReload, the first application in Romania, which facilitates the recharge with airtime for any phone in the world and the purchase of eSims data plans, mainly used in travel industry. We also propose and develop two other services, which will be accessible through the application – the purchase of gift cards and gaming vouchers. Compatible with IOS and Android systems, the application is free and easy to install. We adhere to data and information security standards, so users are safe.”

WeReload, Best Start-up at RubikHub Edu

Part of the entrepreneurial and startup community, WeReload won the “Best Start-up” award at RubikEdu Iași, Cohort 8 – organized by Rubik Hub.

Marcel Istina, co-founder of WeReload, Head of Marketing:Innovation is based on in-depth knowledge, and for this reason we participated in high-profile events – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – and programs for start-ups such as Commons Accel, Cohorta 3 , e.g. The award obtained at RubikHub Edu is a confirmation of the confidence we have in what we propose through WeReload, a confidence we want to transfer to all users.

Launched in November 2023, WeReload is the first app in Romania that facilitates international mobile credit transfer and the purchase of eSims. The WeReload experience begins by downloading the app via IOS and Android.