Mobile Top-Up via WeReload

The first Mobile Top-Up and eSims application, launched in Romania, with Romanian founders.


International mobile top-up with credit can be done safely through WeReload, the first Mobile Top-Up and eSim application, launched in Romania. The app can be downloaded for free on Android and IOS.

Mobile Top-Up: Permanent connection to "home", regardless of borders

Technology keeps us connected, no matter where we are or what our circumstances are. When “home” means family and friends, but also a distance measurable in kilometers, then it’s the perfect time to discover the advantages you have through the secure system developed by WeReload.

Alex Terente, co-founder WeReload, Head of Product:

“We carefully analysed the phenomenon of migration, which has existed since ancient times. It is interesting to observe how migration registers different intensities in various historical periods, happening from different reasons. According to Eurostat, the total number of non-EU people residing in the EU on 1 January 2021 was 23.7 million. This figure represents 5.3% of the EU population. In other words, in most EU states, most people with other nationalities come from outside the EU. A recent statistic shows us that, in 2024, more than 120,000 foreigners from outside the EU are working in Romania. In addition, I have personally experienced what it means to be away, in a different country, from loved ones, and for this reason I developed the Mobile Top-Up service in the WeReload application.”

Mobile Top-Up: advantages through WeReload

Through the Mobile Top-Up service in the WeReload application, you recharge any phone in the world with credit. Access is instant, connection is secure, costs are low and time investment is minimal. Stay connected and close to your loved ones through simple and secure gestures

Alex Terente, co-founder WeReload, Head of Product:

“Mobile Top-Up isn’t just a service for immigrants, it’s an essential tool for those living in a world on the move.”

The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use, efficient and flexible. You have access to all your transaction history and can easily manage all type of payments.

ESims via WeReload

The revolutionary eSim mobile connectivity technology is available in Romania through WeReload, the first Mobile Top-Up and eSims application launched in Romania. The app can be downloaded for free on Android and IOS.

What is eSim?

eSim is an electronic component integrated in mobile devices (phone, tablet, smart watch, laptop, etc.), which allows the creation of multiple profiles, data management and connection to mobile network operators, without the need for a physical SIM card.

Andrei Beraru, co-founder of WeReload, Head of Tech: “Although at the moment we still cannot talk about eSim as an universal solution, we are certainly at the beginning of the path that will impose this choice. The reason is very simple: we need this flexible, efficient and, last but not least, sustainable solution.”

The negative effect on the environment produced by the manufacture and use of SIM cards is proven. Here is just a short exercise: in order to sell 1 million SIM cards, a single manufacturer makes, at the level of a single European country, probably around 3 million SIM cards. Quantifying the amount of paper, cardboard, plastic and elements in the SIM card’s CIP, is as big challenge, as calculating the carbon dioxide and other polluting elements emitted during manufacturing. eSim technology comes, however, with the promise of a present for which the principle of sustainable development is a reality”.

eSim advantages

The eSim simplifies and enhances the experience for users, who have important advantages when adopting this technology.

Andrei Beraru, WeReload co-founder, Head of Tech: “The telecommunications infrastructure is constantly developing and eSim compatible mobile devices are becoming more and more accessible. Considering also the advantages that users have, we are talking about a technology that will be successfully adopted globally in a short period of time.”

International connections are made easier by simplifying the process of switching between network operators during international travel without the need to change SIM cards or activate roaming plans. Connection security is ensured, with eSim using encryption and authentication technologies to protect user information.